Double cold reduction and temper mill of a new ultra-modern metal rolling plant has been put into operation

On November 7, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Roman Golovchenko visited the Miory Rolling Mill (MMPZ) to officially start the operation of the double cold reduction and temper mill. This production line manufactures MMPZ products – cold-rolled steel. The Prime Minister noted energy intensity of the production and brought into focus that all the main technical processes have already been started here.

General Director of MMPZ Petr SHIMUKOVICH specified,

– Such products, which the plant will produce, have never existed in Belarus before. Therefore, the Belarusian market and the markets of neighboring countries can be replaced by us. We see this as a great development prospect. There are not so many similar enterprises in the world, and their equipment has exhausted a certain resource. We have a completely new plant, equipped with the equipment produced by the world’s leading company in the field of metalworking. We hope that our technological capabilities will allow us to occupy a worthy niche in the global tinplate market.

Petr Shimukovich also added that the plant is important for Miory district and will contribute to its development and job creation. The plant will employ about 650 people.

Construction and installation works have been completed. Cold-rolling mill was tested in July. A bit later, electrolytic cleaning line was commissioned. Commissioning works on annealing furnaces are nearing completion. The entire first stage of the plant, designed and equipped in accordance with the latest European standards, will be commissioned in December, and it is expected to reach its project capacity in the summer of 2021. At the initial stage the plant will be able to produce 150K tons of tinplate per year, and after start up of the second stage, its capacity will increase to 240K tons annually.

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