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Cold-rolled metal

Cold-rolled metal is metal obtained in the form of a smooth or corrugated sheets and rolls of various sizes by rolling with subsequent heat treatment, depending on the requirements for mechanical properties. Its main purpose – the subsequent cold forming. The material has no restrictions on the wieldability.

At present, the main applications of cold-rolled are engineering and construction. Strength cold-rolled steel sheet provides the most widespread demand for this material in the construction industry. Thus, cold-rolled sheets are used not only as a corrugated board, but also as a wall and roof coatings. Widespread cold-rolled sheet obtained in mechanical engineering for the production of cars, stamped parts and machinery.

In our time cold rolled sheets are used in construction of fences, roofing, cladding manufacturing, automotive parts, etc. Cold-rolled steel has a high energy content, so the production of  it always requires sophisticated equipment. Possibility of galvanized sheets and application of polymer coatings on them also can significantly extend the scope of cold-rolled steel.

By drawability cold sheets are divided into categories and on the quality of the surface cold sheets are divided into several groups.