MMPZ in MEDIA: “The unique Miory metal rolling mill started a trial run phase” – correspondents of “SB-Belarus Today” called the upcoming start of production “a historical moment”

Recently correspondents of “SB. Belarus today” visited MMPZ. Impressions of the scale of construction and the weight of this innovative plant for Belarus and Vitebsk region were reflected in the big article.

Correspondents spoke with Peter Shimukovich, CEO of MMPZ. He presented the plant in a tour, talked about the production technology, stressed the uniqueness of the product – tinplate, noted the launch date of the MMPZ.

– We launch the cold rolling mill process as the first phase. Six weeks will be spent for tests. In February we will start working with metal and load our lines with raw materials – hot-rolled steel with thickness of 4 mm. During the process its thickness will decrease to 0.2 mm. Then the steel will be transferred on this huge line and cleaned from pollution. Yes, metal should be washed thoroughly. The next step is bell-type furnace, that will be turned-on in March. Currently we are on the finish stage with installation of skin rolling mill. The last stage is the electrolytic tinning line. That is all. We expect to receive the first product – tinplate –  end of May 2020. This stage will mean the launch of our enterprise.

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