General Director of “MMPZ-group” Petr Shimukovich met with representatives of enterprises of the Vitebsk region

In the beginning of March, a big delegation of representatives of the region’s enterprises visited the Miory Rolling Mill, which may be interested in tinplate. There were top managers of Glubokoye milk canning plant, LLK-NAFTAN, BelBank, Polotsk Drinks and Concentrates Production Unitary Enterprise, branch office of Braslavryba etc.

General Director Petr SHIMUKOVICH introduced first the mill and global trends in packaging, and then presented examples of using of tin containers in various sectors of the food and non-food industries. By tradition, the most interesting moments of the meeting are collected below.

About productive capacity

–  The plant is located on an area of 40 hectares, of which four are for production section. Its length is 422 meters. There is everything that allows us to turn hot-rolled steel into tinplate. As soon as we reach its full capacity, we will have approximately 12-15 wagons per day with raw materials. Technological lines are designed for non-stop operation of the mill. 

About the environmental friendliness of production

It is important that there are no smoking pipes or molten metal. Metallurgy is already different. All equipment at our mill has twice passed environmental impact assessment. The enterprise has only three pipes. Two of them remove the cleaned air after rolling mills, and the third – the products of natural gas combustion.

The full artcle pls read on the website of “Мiёрскiя навiны”.

Photo by Alexander Hitrov