Miory Steel tinplate is used for packaging of the most delicious Belarusian condensed milk 

Miory Steel (Miory Rolling mill) began officialy producation activities in December 2020. Almost immediately, shipments of cold-rolled steel products were started to buyers from European countries: Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and others. Tinplate production, the main product of Miory Steel mill, has been launched end of February, after successful passing technology tests on the electrolytic tinning line. The first parcel of 150 tons of tinplate has ben shipped to customers from Russia and Europe. In April Glubokoye Milk Canning Plant, that is famous for its considered milk, has closed the conract for Miory Steel tinplate delivery.

Miory Steel is an export oriented production. We are able to meet all requirements in Belarus as well as do deliver the  majority of our tinplate to other countries. We sign contracts with local companies and the Glubokoye Milk Canning Plant is the first factory situated in Belarus in the list of our customers. After adjustment of product parameters and trial batch delivery we shipped to the plant at the beginning of May  the first industrial batch of tinplate in sheets. So that, the famous condensed milk is packed into cans made from ours tinpate, – commented the start of cooperation Piotr Shimukovich, General Director of “MMPZ Group”.

The production capacity of the Miory Rolling mill at the first stage is 150 thousand tons of tinplate per year and 50 thousand tons of cold-rolled sheet per year. The parameters are the follows: tinplate in rolls and sheets with a thickness ranging from 0.1 mm (ultra-thin tin) to 0.49 mm and cold-rolled metal products in rolls without coating with a thickness from 0.35 to 1,0 mm.

The major consumer of tinplate is food canning industry, where it is used for production of tin cans and closures. Further, tinplate is used for production of aerosol cans and package for paintwork materials and petrochemical products. The tinplate package is recyclable, has durability and impact resistance and secures high level of protection against dirt, bacteria, moisture, light and odor. All this defines increasing demand for tinplate.