Meida about us: the Miory Rolling Mill is gaining intellectual power

Last month, the media reported that the readiness of the Miory Metal Rolling Plant is near 93%. Today, the MMPZ is looking even more as a plant ready for its launch: works outside and inside are completed, dust from operating departments is removed and grinded, a special coating is applied, that will help against destructive effects of oils and emulsions. The equipment is imported and adjusted together with German experts.

The current stage of works is characterized by the general director Piotr Shimukovich as a transition from mechanical installation to the installation of automation: “Ventilation and fire-extinguishing system are being finalized, and the collecting system will be completed next month. Every day, we are getting closer to the beginning of our big story – the MMPZ story,” Pyotr Shimukovich emphasized in interview with reporters of “Myorskiya Naviny”.

And recently, another step towards launch was made – rolls for hot-rolled steel produced by the Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG arrived at the plant. The material will be used for setting up the equipment. Tests scheduled for the next weeks.


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