Chairman of the Miory Rayon Executive Committee Igor Kuznetsov: “The impact of the Miory Steel on the socio-economic health of the Miory region is undeniable”

Even during construction the Miory Rolling Mill attracted attention – both as a large investment project, as an ambitious initiative, unique for Belarus and the CIS, and as an object destined to become a city-forming mill for a small region of Vitebsk District. But after its launch in December 2020 Miory Steel has become “a media star”. The top management and employees are proud of the mill, Miory citizents and regional administrations are happy to talk about it.

The Chairman of the Miory Rayon Executive Committee Igor Kuznetsov stressed during the interview to a media, that the impact of the Miory Steel on the socio-economic health of the Miory region was undeniable:

Firstly, Thanks to the contruction of the Miory Rolling Mill as well as the creation of more than 500 new vacancies, a significant flow of human resources is fixed into the region, which spurred the development of social sphere, housing construction, trade. For example, a big medical center will be built here, the project starts in the second half of the year.

When such a big taxpayer comes to the region, the region receives budget for infrastructure development. As the chairman of the Rayon Executive Committee mentioned, “... first of all, financial resources are directed to reconstruction of the building of the school No. 3 named after E. A. Tomko. We continue to run  urban beautification, capital reconstruction of the street Kommunisticheskaya. It is planned to build new objects on the levee: MMPZ Group bought a building of the former municipal institution and intends to open hier a brewery and a mini-hotel by September. There are big plans to create a shopping and entertainment infrastructure as well. We have developed interesting mutually beneficial offers for potential investors in various fields. I hope, this year will allow us to strengthen achieved positions and implement new projects which are significant for our small homeland”.

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