Piotr Shimukovich: “The new plant went into operation end of the last year. We are ready to switch on full capacity”

The most interesting moments of the interview of Piotr Shimukovich, General Director of MMPZ Group for a local newspaper.

About plant launch

– The new plant went into operation end of the last year. We are ready to switch on full capacity. The official launch was confirmed on December, 24. This means, that the equipment is installed and tested and capable to produce products in accordance with a goal.

Our plant is a unique manufacturer of tinplate not only in Belarus, but throughout the former Soviet space. The production of tinplate has been preserved in Russia and Kazakhstan, but the parameters of their products differ from ours. In this regard, we have our own circle of consumers both within Belarus and in the near and far abroad. Most of the products will be exported. We have closed a lot of contracts during the plant building which we are ready to execute. 

About equipment

The plant is equipped with the newest equipment. It has the latest technologies including in the composition of the components, of software that allows to manage all business processes in accordance with requirements.

About product

We produce full hard cold-rolled coils. It is just the first product that we have already delivered to a number of our consumers. As a next we sell black plate, metal that has passed annealing and rolling. And finally, we will produce the third main product – tinplate.

About environment

Our equipment has passed environmental impact assessment twice. It complies with the Belarusian legislation. You can look on aour plant. It is working. You can see three  factory pipes. Two of them remove filtered air after rolling mills, and the 3rd – products of natural gas combustion, the same gaz, what we have in apartments. We don’t have industrial wastes as well because of closed cicle ща production. 

About staff

We have applied people who can professionally solve tasks they face. In particular, we have metallurgists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and, of course, from Belarus. But the main personnel are from Miory city and neighboring districts: Braslavsky, Sharkovshchinsky, Verkhnedvinsky and Polotsky. A few natives of the Miory region, who were previously in other regions or even outside of Belarus, have returned to work with us.

About percpectives and develoment of the region

In parallel with plant construction, we build houses. Now we have six 8-flats buildings, two more and one 40-flats buildings will be ready very soon. In the future we will build more.

Miory Rolling mill is a local economic mainstay for Miory city. We build a lot and see a growing number of citizens. We plan to build a district Heart Centre and a sanatorium and health resort. We help local hospital as well – in particular, we purchased a diagnostic equipment to detect covid-19 and other diseases. 

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