Here you can receive information, if procurement procedure for the purchase of certain goods (works, services) for MMPZ Group are required.

The main principles of MMPZ Group by procurement procedure are the follows:

  • effective budget using
  • openness and transparency of procurement procedure
  • development of fair trading
  • prevention of corruption and negavive impacts in procurement procedure


  • Request no. 08-04/2020 > delivery, montage & initial commissioning test for equipement for zone of turners for steel rolls >  Coil Tilter   according to the technical requirements (Annex 1)
  • Request no. 23/04-2020 > delivery, montage and initial commissioning test of overhead track cranes for electrolytic tinning zone >  Overhead cranes acc. to the Annex (see the Annex 1)
  • Tender > for range of services such as like production, delivery, repairs and/or reconstruction of rolls of ECL, ETL-processing lines according to the technical requirement and drawing >  Rolls  according to the annexes  (Annex 1,   Annex 2)