The street where MMPZ is located, got the name – “Metallurgov street”

This name is chosen because of location of Miory Rolling mill on this street, the plant will be absolutely unique for Belarus and other countries thanks to its product – tinplate. Production of tinplate is a complex high-tech process that requires specialized metallurgical equipment. It means, the street name will be speaking and good to memorize.

2020-04-29T16:04:51+03:00April 22nd, 2020|

BelTA: A trial run of tinplate production plant is scheduled in May

Today the Chairman of the State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov visited the construction site of Miory Metal Rolling Mill. He controlled the status, pointed difficulties, than the investor met while building and stressed the innovation of the miory steel project and its quality impact on people's life of the whole Vitebsk region.

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MMPZ in MEDIA: Miory metal rolling mill is presented on TV-channel “Belarus 1”

Vitebsk region is inspired by the Miory metal rolling mill. This perspective plant is called the “hope of the region”, and this is very logical: innovative plant will create 650 working places, an infrastructure for life will be created, and modern smart houses will be built. More details about MMPZ in Miory are in the big report on “Belarus 1”.

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