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Petr Shimukovich – General Director

Education: graduated from Military Engineering Academy (Moscow, Russia) as mechanical engineer, Grand PhD (technical sciences), inventor.

Professional experience more than 25 years:

  • Management of production, technical and project activities at OJSC «Galitch Truck Crane Plant».
  • Management of production, technical and project activities at OJSC «Klintsy Truck Crane Plant».

Author of the books and articles in different technical spheres, as well as on the theory of inventive problem solving.

Vladimir Tischenko – Technical director

Education: graduated from Belarus Institute of Railway Engineers (Gomel, Belarus) as mechanical engineer in 1986; and from Belarus National Technical University (Minsk, Belarus) (specialty – management) in 2002, PhD (technical sciences).

2011 – 2012: OJSC«Gomelchemtorg» (Belarus) – head of sector.
2008 – 2011: ООО «Mashremtorg» (Unecha, Russia) – deputy director.
2005 – 2008: company «Liga-Trans» – deputy director.
1995 – 2005: OJSC «Belarusian Steel Works» (Belarus) – positions from chief engineer to director of metallurgical department.

Dzmitry Slaunikau – Finance Director

Education: graduated from Belarus State Economic University (Minsk, Belarus) as an financial manager in 2002, CIMA Dip MA, CIMA Dip PM (Rus).

Professional experience: more than 15 years:

  • Previously head of analytical department OOO “MobileTele Systems” (Belarus).
  • Tutor in different training companies e. g. «HockTraining», «Nexia Education» on CIMAsubjects.
  • Author of the book «Analytical tools for costs management in controlling system», author more than 70 articles related to controlling, management accounting, financial and tax management.

Anna Vasilyeva ― Commercial director

Education: graduated from Belarusian State Economic University (Minsk, Belarus) Banking Faculty in 1998; trained in various courses at the Joint Vienna Institute and the World Bank; has FCI certificate (first level); completed the EBRD’s Environmental and Social Risk Management course.

Professional experience: more than 20 years.

2016 -2019 гг.: OJSC «Bank Moskow-Minsk» —  positions from Deputy Head of Risk Management Department to Director of Risk Management Department;
1998-2016 гг.: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus  — positions from economist to Deputy Head of International Operations Directorate.

Eugene Poteshkin ― Chief engineer

Education: graduated from Siberian Metallurgical Institute named by Ordzhonikidze (Novokuznetsk, Russia) as metallurgical engineer in 1979.

Professional experience: more than 35 years.

2011-2018:  CJSC «BERYL DELTA» (Amur region, Russia) – general manager;
2009 – 2011: “Tyazhpromeksport” (Moskow, Russia) – first deputy chairman;
2007-2009:  «Ductil Steel» (Romania)  – general manager;
2005 – 2007:  MC «ESTAR» (Moskow, Russia) – first deputy of general manager;
2002 – 2005:  MC United Metallurgical Company  (Moskow, Russia) – deputy Head of commercial management;
1998 – 2002:  OJSC «Schelkovo Metallurgical Mill»  (Moskow region, Russia)- general manager;
1995 – 1998:  Concern «Metallurgprom» (Russia)  – chief specialist in analytics and consulting in the field of metallurgical production;
1979 – 1995:  OJSC «Kuznetsk Metallurgical Plant»  (Russia) – positions from steelwork assistant to acting head of shop.

Evgeny Konovalov – Chief power engineer

Education: graduated from Pridneprovsky Energy Construction College (Ukraine) (specialty:«Installation of thermal power equipment») in 1979; and refresher course in Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (Russia) in 2001.

2010 – 2013: ООО «NLMK-Kaluga» (Kaluga region, Russia) – power engineer rolling mill.
2006 – 2010: CJSC«NSMMZ», CJSC«BEMZ» (Sverdlov region, Russia) – deputy chief of the rolling mill for power equipment.
1990 – 2006: OJSC «Belarusian Steel Works» (Belarus) – positions from repairman to power rolling engineer.


Andrey Slepakov – Сhief electrician

Education: graduated from Gomel Polytechnic Institute (Belarus) as electrician engineer in 1989; also attended refresher course in Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (Russia) in 2004.

2010 – 2015: company «Energoavtomatica» (Zhlobin, Belarus) – director.
1988 – 2013: Belarus Metallurgical Plant (Belarus) –positions from electrician to chief electrician.


Andrey Shalukho – Chief project engineer

Education: graduated from Moscow State Technical University named by Bauman (Russia) as mechanical engineer in 1982.

2010 – 2013: RUE «Belarusneft-Mogilevoblnefteprodukt» (Belarus) – chief engineer.
2008 – 2010: CJSC «Dneprstroyproekt» (Zhlobin, Belarus) – chief engineer.
1997 – 2008: OJSC «Belarusian Steel Works» (Belarus) –positions from engineer to chief engineer.


Henadzi Cherniakou ― Chief mechanic engineer

Education: graduated from Ogarev Mordovia State University (Saransk, Russia) as mechanical engineer in 1984.

2011―2015: JSC «NLMK-Kaluga» (Russia) ― positions from repair shop mechanic to chief of repair service.
1987―1991, 1995―2011: OJSC «Belarusian Steel Works» (Belarus) ― positions from senior engineer of the reconstruction and analogues laboratory to senior mechanical repairman.
1984―1987 гг.: JSC «Uralelement» (Russia) ― positions from engineer to design engineer.


Anatoly Chernov – Нead of rolling shop

Education: graduated from Magnitogorsk Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (Russia) as metallurgical engineer in 1974.

2004 – 2014: NLMK Group – deputy chief of rolling shop.
1984 – 2004: OJSC «Belarusian Steel Works» (Belarus) – positions from production staff to deputy chief of rolling shop.
1976 – 1984: Karaganda Metallurgical Plant (Kazakhstan) – shift supervisor of rolling shop.
1974 – 1976: Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant (Russia) – production staff.


Ihar Zinkevich ― Chief of the department of cleaning, tinning and shipment of rolling shop

Education: graduated from Grodno State Agrarian University (Belarus) as agronomist in 1993 and from Belarusian National Technical University (Minsk, Belarus) as mechanical engineer 2006. Also attended refresher courses in different state institutes for advanced studies.

1994―2016: OJSC «Belarusian Steel Works» (Belarus) – positions from etching&galvanization master to Officer-in-Charge of Head of steel wire shop.


 Shibaev Sergey – Production Director

Education: graduated from State Technological University “Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys” (Moscow, Russia) with a degree in ferrous metallurgy, and postgraduate course at Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), PhD (ferrous metallurgy).

Professional experience is more than 15 years:

  • SMS Group – Head of MET/Con Russia
  • General Electric – Senior Supplier Quality Development Manager
  • NLMK Group – Chief Expert in Technological Development
  • PAO Severstal – Head of GTS
  • Metalloinvest Management Company LLC – Technical Expert in Steelmaking
  • Siemens – Research Expert
  • IMET RAS – from Engineer to Senior staff scientist and Deputy Head of laboratory