Miory Steel

Miory metal rolling mill will be the only one among the producers of electrolytic tinning tinplate and cold-rolled steel in the Republic of Belarus and will take its worthy place among producers of tinplate in CIS and Europe. The uniqueness of the new plant is in the usage of modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly equipment and technologies that will allow to produce material of high liquid and quality with minimal effort.

  • Modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly

  • High quality products

  • Highest safety standarts

Miory metal rolling mill was designed and is erected according to European standards complying with the laws of the Republic of Belarus and the requirements in the field of industrial safety and environmental protection.

About the new plant

According to the order of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 08.05.2013, a plot of land of 40 hectares has been allocated for the construction of the plant. This plot is 2.5 km away from the Miory railway station that is directly connected to the major highways. Also, on June 9, 2014 the President of the Republic of Belarus has signed the Decree №271 “On the implementation of the investment project”.

Expected time of putting into operation of the mill is 2th quater of 2019, reaching of planned project output – 3th quater of 2020. The first stage assumes the production of 150,000 tons of tinplate per year, after the start of the second stage of the plant capacity will increase to 240,000 tons per year. Experts estimates that the pay-back period of this project will be within 5 years.

Market potential

Nowadays tinplate is widely used in food, perfume, paint and coatings industries. The annual demand of enterprises only in Belarus for tinplate is about 30 thousand tons per year. Closest to the country production plant tinplate is in Košice (Slovakia). The main suppliers of tinplate for the Belarusian market are metallurgical plants located in Russia and Kazakhstan. Experts estimate that share of abovementioned plants is up to 65% in the total imports of tinplate in Belarus. Traditionally tinplate of European producers is also presented in the market of the Republic of Belarus. Russia consumes about 250 thousand tons of tinplate per year (70% of it – imports). In the Baltic countries and Ukraine in the whole volume of tinplate consumed is delivered from abroad.

Currently, packaging manufacturers are shifting to the usage of a thin tinplate and alsp tinplate of the double rolling. MMPZ will produce tinplate with thickness of 0.11 – 0.5 mm. For comparison: the equipment installed at the enterprises of Russia and Kazakhstan (in 1970 in the Soviet Union) enables to produce plate with thickness of 0.18 mm. All parameters of tinplate from Miory metal rolling mill are set in accordance with the highest standards of innovative technologies.The market of leading producers of tinplate is currently characterized by relatively stable margin in comparison to the cost of production. As a blank for the manufacture of tinplate raw materials from metallurgical enterprises in Russia and Europe will be used.

The Austrian company MMPZ GmbH has become the key investor in the project of construction Miory metal rolling mill. Equipment and technologies will be delivered by one of the world’s leading companies producing equipment for steel rolling mills and steel plants- «SMS Group GmbH» (Germany). The total volume of investment into the project exceeds 200 million euro. As part of the investment project the interbank loan from the German consortium of banks AKA is attracted to the Republic of Belarus. This loan has no analogues on the size and conditions among the Belarus investment projects implemented by private investors.

Design and construction of the plant will be done by russian MetProm Group using the most modern methods of creation of new high-tech industrial facilities that meet international requirements and implement all the best experience and achievements in the field of construction of the EU.


Mission of Miory metal rolling mill is to create competitive innovation products that can satisfy consumers with quality tinplate in our country and in the CIS, Europe and Asia.

In terms of globalization of world economy, MMPZ ( whose activities are based on the use of environmentally friendly high-tech production methods) sees its in the long term mission in maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships with partners. Already at this stage, further participation of MMPZ in resource programs, projects on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and environmental protection is expected in order to meet the growing modern standards. Positioned status of future enterprise intends to take into account what the plant may be useful to the state, customers, investors, business – partners, its employees and the people of the region.

Positive impact for local community

MMPZ will have a positive impact on the social infrastructure of the area. Construction of the plant will lead the creation of about 600 jobs for professionals with high salaries in Miory region. In fact, the plant will be a new urban development enterprise for the district.

In parallel with the construction of the plant a large-scale construction of housing for employees and service personnel is planned. At the initial stage ten 2-storey houses on 8 apartment each will be built for engineering and technical employees. The construction of multi-storey houses for the workers is included into future projects of MMPZ-group.

Construction of the plant in the town Miory is determined by a number of factors on macro- and micro-level. Macro-level factors are:

  • Advantages in location and state of the market. Tinplate is highly liquid commodity, CIS market is not saturated with products made from tinplate. Location of the plant makes it possible to enter the markets of Europe and the CIS with minimal logistics costs.

  • Opportunities of import substitution. Demand of enterprises of Belarus and CIS in tinplate today is largely met through imports. In this context, the pursuit of import substitution through the creation of high-tech, competitive enterprise is quite natural and is supported at the govermental level. The participation of the regions of Belarus in the strategic plans of economic development of the state is absolutely true and justified.

  • Timely of investment. At this stage Belarus offers very favorable conditions for investment in production. Qualitative development of the regions of the country depends on investment in them and on the innovativeness of applied technologies.

  • Participation in economic communities. The Republic of Belarus is a part of the Customs Union (Russia and Kazakhstan), and therefore the whole territory of the Customs Union and CIS becomes the potential market for goods produced in Belarus. Thus, MMPZ receives additional benefits on the demand for products.

The micro-level factors are also important:

  • Governmental support. Miory is a small town. Development of production in small towns is greatly supported by the state.

  • Infrastructure. Miory is constantly developing town and has a tendency to the expansion of the construction sector and the growth of the quantity of workforce. In particular, MMPZ will require various highly skilled professionals: plumbers, laminators, treater, electroplating, control stations operators, supervisors QA, communications, bridge cranes machinists, welders, millers, slingers, drivers, etc. Creation of new production in the city also entails an objective need for expansion of trade, cultural, community and social trends.