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Miory metal rolling mill will be the only one among the producers of electrolytic tinning tinplate and cold-rolled steel in the Republic of Belarus and will take its worthy place among producers of tinplate in CIS and Europe. The uniqueness of the new plant is in the usage of modern, energy-saving, environmentally friendly equipment and technologies that will allow to produce material of high liquid and quality with minimal effort.

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Construction of the plant

The plant is constructed at the production site in close vicinity (1 km) to town of Miory, Vitebsk region, the Republic of Belarus . The total area of the industrial complex, located on a land area of 40.2 hectares, will be about 200,000 sq.m.

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Production & technology

Production of tinplate is a complex high-tech process that requires specialized metallurgical equipment. Billets that has passed hot-roll are used as raw materials for the production. The choice of material for the production of cold-rolled steel depends on the conditions in which it will be operated.

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