Piotr SHIMUKOVICH – General Director

Graduated from Military Engineering Academy (Moscow, Russia) as Engineering Officer.

Grand PhD (technical sciences), inventor. Author of books and articles in different technical spheres, as well as on the theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ).

Professional experience – more than 25 years:

  • Galitch Truck Crane Plant, OJSC – management of production, technical and project activities
  • Klintsy Truck Crane Plant, OJSC – management of production, technical and project activities

Vladimir DYAKONOV – Сhief Operations Officer

Graduated from the Nosov Magnitogorsk State Academy of Mining and Metallurgy as Engineering Officer, as well as the postgraduate study with specialisation  “Pressure metal treatment”.

Professional experience – more than 25 years:

  • Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) — management of technological processes of pickling, cold rolling, annealing, galvanizing, tinning etc. in different job positions: from senior foreman to deputy superintendent

Dzmitry SLAUNIKAU – Senior Director for Ecomony and Finance

Graduated from the Belarussian State Economic University (Minsk, Belarus) in 2002 with a degree in Finance; got international qualifications: CIMA Dip MA, CIMA Dip PM (Rus).

Author of the book «Analytical instruments of cost management in controlling» as well as of more than 70 articles about controlling, cost and management accounting, financial management and tax planning.

Professional experience – more than 15 years:

  • MobileTele Systems, LLC (Belarus) – Head of Analytical Department
  • Tutor in different training companies e. g. «HockTraining», «Nexia Education» based on CIMA diploma

Pavel AFANASENKA – Senior Director in Commercial Sales

Education: graduated from the Belarussian State University (Minsk, Belarus), specialized in international economics; he also participated in Leadership program of the business school Hanken & SSE (Finland).

Professional experience – more than 13 years:

  • Ruukki Rus LLC. (Moscow, Russia) – positions from Head of IT and Logistic Department till Director for Sourcing, Purchasing, Logistic and IT
  • SSAB Europe Oy (ex-Ruukki Metals Oy) – positions from Regional Manager for Bealrus till Area Sales Manager in CIS (standard steels)
  • Magnitogorsk steel mill (MMK) (Sales office in Belarus. TD MMK-Belsnab) – positions from Sales Specialist till Head of Sector of Exchange Sales
  • Trade Analyst at British American Tabacco (BAT), sales office in Belarus

Vladislav PETROVSKIY – Construction Deputy Director

Education: graduated from the Belarusian-Russian University (Mogilev, Belarus) with specialisation “Construction of roads”, “Industrial and civil construction”.
He holds an academic degree in Engineering and Industrial technology sciences.

Professional experience – more than 10 years:

  • “UM №88” — Construction Superintendent
  • “TechStroiresurs Plus” — Construction Superintendent
  • “Servolux Agro” — Construction Superintendent
  • “ARS-N” — from a Proof Engineer to a Technical Project Leader

Sergey PRIYMENKO – Principal Engineer

Education: graduated from the Kramatorsk Industrial Institut (Kramatorsk, Ukraine) with specialisation “Pressure metal treatment” and qualificaton  “Engineer of Metallurgy” as well as the Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA) (Kramatorsk, Ukraine) with specialisation “Economist”.

Ph.D. in Engineering Science, chair professor of “Pressure metal treatment”.  Autor of 20 scientific publications, 7 teachings and guidings as well as technical handbooks of pressure metal treatment.

Professional experience – more than 25 years:

  • Donbass State Engineering Academy (DSEA) (Kramatorsk, Ukraine) – Chair Professor of “Pressure metal treatment”, Head of Department of Economics and Humanities
  • Сorporate Group “Almaz”, “Jugra NatSteel” LLC. (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia ) – CTO
  • “Gidrometallurg” OAO (Nal’chik, Russia) – Chief Engineer

Alexander GALENCHIK – Senior Procurement Director

Education: graduated from the Minsk Institute of Management (Minsk, Belarus) with specialisation “Modern foreign languages”, as well as the Belarus State Economic University with specialisation “Economist”.

Professional experience – more than 10 years:

  • Minsk Regional Customs Office — Inspector of the Department of Customs Office in Minsk and Minsk District
  • State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus — Head of the Department of hospitality events of Minsk Central Customs Office
  • from 2014 till 2019 he worked at the “Bank BelVEB” in different job positions: from Senior Electronic Engineer in Documents & Information activities Sector of the Department of bank systems & technologies and Director of Documents & Information activities Sector to Head of the Department for organisational cooperation in IT of the Department of  bank systems & technologies and Head of the Department of  bank systems & technologies

Nikolai DASHUK – Deputy Director of Quality

Education: graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University with specialisation “Car- and tractor-building, mechanic engineer”.

Professional experience – more than 25 years:

  • “Amkodor” — Planning Engineer
  • Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ)  — Senior Planning Engineer Researcher
  • “МZKT” — Head of Department of Quality Management Systems
  • “FIDMASH” — Deputy Director of Quality
  • Minsk tractor works (MTZ) — Head of Division of Quality Management Systems & Production system development

Vladimir TISCHENKO – Senior Director for Development

Education: graduated from the Belarussian Institute of Railway Engineers (Gomel, Belarus) as mechanical engineer in 1986; he also graduated from the Belarussian National Technical University (Minsk, Belarus) wich a degree «Management» in 2002 and got PhD degree (technical sciences).

He is owner of more than 45 inventions in metallurgical engineering.

Former member of the Ver­band Deutscher Me­tall­hän­dler e.V.

Professional experience:

  • Gomelchemtorg, OJSC (Belarus) – Head of sector
  • Mashremtorg, LLC (Unecha, Russia) – Deputy Director
  • Liga-Trans – Deputy Director
  • Belarussian Steel Works, OJSC (Belarus) – positions from Chief Engineer to Head of metallurgical department

 Igor GLOD ― Deputy Director of Personnel