Construction project

The plant is constructed at the production site in close vicinity (1 km) to town of Miory, Vitebsk region, the Republic of Belarus . The total area of the industrial complex, located on a land area of 40.2 hectares, will be about 200,000 sq.m. Besides, construction of administration and on-site facilities building is planned, with the building total area 3 000 sq.m.

Within the scope of the plant construction, the major production lines as follows will be installed:

  • Cold-rolling mill.
  • Electrolytic cleaning line.
  • Bell furnace annealing plant (bell furnaces).
  • Skin pass rolling line (double reduction mill).
  • Coil inspection and preparation line.
  • Electrolytic plating line (tin) (electrolytic tinning line).
  • Cutting-to-length and sheet packing line.
  • Coil packaging line.

In order to enable operation of the lines, premises as follows will be built at the production site:

  • Store facilities for income raw materials, intermediate materials, spare parts and auxiliary materials.
  • Electric power substation.
  • Air separation unit.
  • Steam conditioning unit.
  • Compressor station.
  • Water treatment plant.
  • Gas distribution plant.
  • Purification/Waste treatment plants.
  • Fire fighting system.
  • Other servicing units.

General designer and General constructor

General designer and General constructor is Group of companies “MetProm”.

Group of companies «MetProm» is one of the major engineering companies of metallurgical sector in Russia, founded in 1992 and dynamically developing the trend of realization of projects on «turn-key» basis, starting from consulting and preliminary engineering up to putting the projects into operation.

Engineering company «MetProm» offers to their clients: investment projects’ management on EPCM model basis (Engineering – Procurement and supply of equipment – Construction – Management of project) in the field of ferrous metallurgy, including all the production practices.

Design and construction of the plant will be done by russian MetProm Group using the most modern methods of creation of new high-tech industrial facilities that meet international requirements and implement all the best experience and achievements in the field of construction of the EU.

Main projects in the steel industry over the last 5 years include work with companies such as Group of companies ArcelorMittal, “Severstal” (Russian Federation), “NLMK” (the Russian Federation), “Mechel” (Russian Federation), ” EVRAZ Consolidated West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant” (Russian Federation), ” EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant ” (Russian Federation), “Bratsky metallurgical plant” (Russian Federation), ” Lysva Metallurgical Company ” (Russian Federation), ” Aktobe Rail and Section Works ” (Kazakhstan).


The plant will be completely fitted with the state-of-the-art metallurgical equipment from SMS Group GmbH (Germany).

SMS Group GmbH is a group of companies with global oriented operations in the field of production of machinery and equipment for the steel and non-ferrous working plants. The range of products comprises steel making and rolling mill machinery, as well as pipe and shaped steel production equipment, press-forging plants, induction furnaces. SMS Group GmbH had started its activity in 1871. Headquarters of the company is located in Germany, technical agencies and production centers are found in Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Romania, the USA, Canada, Brazil, the Republic of South Africa, China, India, Thailand.

SMS Group GmbH renders services associated with the equipment engineering design, development, construction design, installation, setup, the plant automation and the personnel training. For existing production lines, SMS Group GmbH offer services for expansion and modernization of the production process equipment.

SMS Group GmbH supplies complete metal working complexes on a turnkey basis, or individual machines and devices/units to outfit steel, aluminium and non-ferrous production process lines.

Construction progress

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