Miory Steel is an example of effective cooperation between Belarus and Germany (ONT TV channel broadcast).

The ONT TV channel reportage was dedicated to the meeting of the President of the Republic of Belarus with the German Ambassador Peter Dettmar at the Palace of Independence. Viewers were told about the Miory Rolling Mill, and what is happening on the construction site today has been shown.

“For several weeks engineers from Germany have been supervising an equipment installation at Miory Steel. During two years, 700 builders, who are now working non-stop, have erected a unique object literally in the open field. In the summer a production of paper thick tinplate will be started. There is no doubt about success; the supplier of equipment is the world leader in the industry.  

Petr Shimukovich, General Director of Miory Steel, “Everything that exists in the former Soviet Union is about 0.2 millimeter. This equipment is capable to produce a sheet of 0.1. That is, it is half as thick. The question was not only to get high-quality goods, but also within the disbursement approved for implementation.”

An investment project of € 200 million provides for 650 job opportunities. After production start-up, 15 wagonload of products will be sent out from here every day, and the railroad has already been extended. Thus, German investors intend to extract maximum benefits from the geographical location of Belarus. Moreover, the number of such investors is growing. There are about 300 companies with German capital in the country.”

To watch full video report please follow the link.