Our mission is to create competitive innovation products that can satisfy consumers with quality tinplate in our country and in the CIS, Europe and Asia.

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Tinplate with an unique sheet thickness of 0.1 mm is produced in the Miory Rolling mill

August 10th, 2021|

The first tons of tinplate with a thickness of 0.1 mm were produced at the Miory Rolling mill. For Belarus and the CIS countries, this is the first tinplate with such unique characteristics that it immediately makes the mill one of the world leaders in the production of this type of material.

Media about us: “Miory Steel has become the main project in recent years for Miory region”

April 5th, 2021|

Igor Kuznetsov, chairman of the Miory Rayon Executive Committee, stressed: "...Thanks to the contruction of the Miory Rolling Mill as well as the creation of more than 500 new vacancies, a significant flow of human resources is fixed into the region, which spurred the development of social sphere, housing construction, trade".

Our values

  • Sustainability

We invest in sustainable technology to ensure energy efficient operations for excellent quality and protection of the environment.

  • Innovation

We help to expand the possibilities and competitiveness of our customers by offering innovative steel products. Production of tinplate is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and hi-tech equipment.

  • Responsibility

We build our business foundation by acting responsibly and maintaining mutually benefficial relationships towards our key stakeholders – society, local community of the Miory city, our investors, employees, partners and customers.

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Project brief

investment exceeds 380 million euros

600 new jobs are created

modern, energy-saving & environmentally friendly production

production capacity is 240 000 tonnes per year (2nd line)