Our Mission

Our mission is to create competitive innovation products that can satisfy consumers with quality tinplate in our country and in the CIS, Europe and Asia.

Miory Steel brand represents these values:

  • Sustainability

We invest in sustainable technology to ensure energy efficient operations for excellent quality and protection of the environment.

  • Innovation

We help to expand the possibilities and competitiveness of our customers by offering innovative steel products. Production of tinplate is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and hi-tech equipment.

  • Responsibility

We build our business foundation by acting responsibly and maintaining mutually benefficial relationships towards our key stakeholders – society, local community of the MIORY city, our investors, employees, partners and customers.

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Our products


High quality tinplate to meet your packaging requirements, applications and processes.

Cold-Rolled Metal

Cold-rolled metal provides construction and engineering industries with wide application possibilities.

Brief Facts

investment exceeds 200 million euro

600 new jobs for professionals

modern, energy-saving & environmentally friendly

production capacity up to 240 000 tones per year

Our Latest News

MMPZ in MEDIA: Miory metal rolling mill is presented on TV-channel “Belarus 1”

December 13th, 2019|

Vitebsk region is inspired by the Miory metal rolling mill. This perspective plant is called the “hope of the region”, and this is very logical: innovative plant will create 650 working places, an infrastructure for life will be created, and modern smart houses will be built. More details about MMPZ in Miory are in the big report on “Belarus 1”.